Matthys van Black Hills Friesians (BHF)

(Alwin 469 Sport x Bente 412 Sport)

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Matthys, "Matty," was born June 14, 2020.  He is a healthy spunky baby boy!  His dam, Yfke L, is a ster A mare by Alwin 469 Sport.  His sire is Bente 412 Sport.  

Matty is a full papered  KFPS/ FHANA registered stud colt with the potential and bloodlines to excel at Dressage and/ or Driving.  Matty is sweet, kind and curious. 


Once weaned, he can become YOUR Dream Horse!   Contact us today to learn more about this wonderful little Friesian!   Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page to follow Matty's great adventures!

NOTE:  Due to Coronoa virus cancellations, there will be no 2020 inspections.  Matty will be able to attend a 2021 Keuring as a yearling for no fee.


2015 Ster Mare


Bente 412


Yfke is the daughter of Crown mare Sopie L and Alwin 469. Yfke made ster on her first try in 2018 as a 3 year old and scored a 73 on her first IBOP in 2019, missing Crown by just 4 points! We will be trying her again!

Yfke's sire, and Matty's grandsire is Alwin 469 Sport. Alwin is an exceptional stallion with unsurpassed breeding values in virtually every category, posting outstanding overall scores for type (109), frame (111), feet & legs (109), walk (108), and trot (109). He was the Reserve Champion of the Older stallions at the Stallion show in Leeuwaarden in the Netherlands in 2017, and Champion in both 2018 and 2019.

In the 2017 KFPS breeding index, Alwin has the highest breeding value figures for exterior and movement. These traits make him a popular choice for breeders, having covered more than 1400 mares! Alwin has numerous ster daughters, at least six crown daughters, one model daughter and one approved son, Tiede 501!

Bente 412 was a bold and powerful stallion, full of presence and charisma, who sadly passed away in October 2019. Bente was approved for stud services in 2003, and in his Performance Test he demonstrated to be particularly talented for dressage. His offspring distinguished themselves by their refined and luxurious exterior and abundant feathering and plenty of willingness to work. He also excelled in driving, earning his Sport title.

Bente comes from mare line 74 and is a half-brother to Fridse 423! Bente’s dam line possesses a great deal of Age blood through Ewound 250. Bente’s sire, Heinse 354 Sport Preferent, has produced four approved sons and was especially appreciated for his sport qualities.

Bente was approved on offspring in 2008 with average scores of around 7 and breeding values of just over 100. The total of Bente´s stud services stands at nearly 1000. In addition to a Star percentage of 34%, He has several crown daughters and one model daughter, whose son is approved stallion Yme 506.

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