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Wahkan van BHF (Black Hills Friesians)
(Bene 476 x Alwin 469, Sport AAA)

Click on right arrow above to watch Wahkan grow up!

(More pictures will be added as he grows)

Wahkan (Lakota for "sacred") was born June 1, 2023, to our First Premie Star A mare, Yfke L (Alwin 469 x Beart 411) and Bene 476 (Doaitsen 420 x Leffert 306).

Wahkan is friendly and curious, but quite sassy! He is long-legged and we expect him to grow quite tall.  He has a nice sloping shoulder and beautiful upright neck.  It will be fun to watch him develop- keep an eye on the photos at left. 

Wahkan is registered with the KPFS.  He has a low inbreeding coefficient of 1.37% at five generations (2.83% at six), with a 17.9 kinship percentage.  Wahkan is free from dwarfism and hydrocephalus. 



Congratulations to Blessed in Montana!

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