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Matthys van BHF  ** SOLD **

(Alwin 469 Sport x Bente 412 Sport)

Matthys, "Matty," was born June 14, 2020, to Ster A mare Yfke L (Alwin 469 x Beart 411) and talented driving and dressage stallion, Bente 412 Sport.

Matty is a full papered  KFPS/ FHANA registered stud colt with the potential and bloodlines to excel at Dressage and/ or Driving.  Matty is sweet, kind and curious. 

Click on right arrow above to watch Matty grow up!

Congratulations to Geneva in Florida!

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Matthys van BHF ("Matty" ) was sold in 2020 to a wonderful young family in Florida.  We could not be happier with his new home.  He is spoiled, loved and even has another little buddy to grow up with.  He is his new Mom's dream come true!  We  will miss him dearly, but know he has a great new home where he  will be as treasured as he was with us.  

Stay Tuned to our Facebook page for some photos of his exciting new life!

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