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Lexi, Friesian Sporthorse


Lexi is a 2003 Friesian Sporthorse mare.  Her sire was Donius W (Barteld  202 x Hearke 254) and her Dam, F.F. Shawnee, a pinto Arabian.  Lexi came to us in January 2017 as Paula's Dressage mount and has turned out to be a true gem.  Not only is she talented in Dressage, but in other disciplines as well. 


She is sweet, kind and truly trusting.  Anyone can ride sweet Lexi, She will take care of her rider and asks only for love and treats in exchange.  Lexi is registered with the Friesian Heritage Horse (FHH) and the Friesian Sport Horse Registry (FSHR).

Dressage Show Winner 2017
My Pretty Girl
Trail Riding- Bear Butte
Water Crossings a Breeze!
Queen of the Hills
Christmas Pony
Good Girl
Another Christmas Ride
Merry Christmas!
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