Siapa (Feike x Goffert)

Siapa, Friesian Ster Mare


Siapa is our foundation ster mare, our first Friesian.  She was born in 2005 in Kansas.  At her foal Keuring she scored a second premium, and as an adult she was awarded second premium ster!.  She was started slowly and correctly using natural horsemanship methods and quickly became Paula's favorite riding horse.  

From Driving to Dressage to Showing and to Trails, Siapa excels.  Her sweet, kind  and calm nature makes her a favorite of everyone who meets her.  She is the first to greet you at the gate and loves just hanging out.  A big baroque mare, Siapa stamps her babies with size and her sweet calm disposition.

Siapa is registered with the KFPS/ FHANA

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