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Yfke L (Alwin 469 x Beart 411)


Friesian Ster A Mare

Meet Yfke L! Yfke is a 2015 First Premie Ster A mare by Alwin 469 out of Crown mare Sophie L AAA by Beart 411. Her motherline is Kroon-Ster preferant-Ster-Ster!   She is a sweet kind mare with a super smooth gait.  

Yfke made ster on her first try in 2018 as a 3 year old and scored a 73 on her first IBOP in 2019 and a 74 in 2022.  She missed Crown by just 3 points! We will be trying her again!

Yfke's sire is Alwin 469 Sport. Alwin is an exceptional stallion with unsurpassed breeding values in virtually every category, posting outstanding overall scores for type (109), frame (111), feet & legs (109), walk (108), and trot (109). He was the Reserve Champion of the Older stallions at the Stallion show in Leeuwaarden in the Netherlands in 2017, and Champion in both 2018 and 2019.


These traits make him a popular choice for breeders, having covered more than 1400 mares! Alwin has numerous ster daughters, at least six crown daughters, one model daughter and one approved son, Tiede 501!

Yfke is registered with the KFPS/ FHANA

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