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American Paint Horse Gelding


Bad Az Dillon, "Dillon," is a 2002 American Paint Horse Gelding.  He came to us in 2012 .  Dillon is an all around horse capable of just about everything, from Trail Rides to Parades to Goodwill Ambassador giving pony rides to kids.  Dillon is Tim's favorite.  He is confident, brave, dependable and kind, "The best horse I've ever had."

Besides camping and trail riding, Tim and Dillon participate in the annual "Days of 76" Rodeo weekend.  They act as outriders  for the Parade participants and are a part of the posse (good guys!) in the Wild West Stagecoach Robbery (although they have been known to pop up as a robber now and then!). 

With his splashy coloring, Dillon draws admiring crowds wherever he goes.  He is registered with the American Paint Horse Foundation (APHA).


At Mt. Rushmore!
At a clinic at the Horse Expo
Water Baby
Trail Riding- With Friends!
Trail Riding- Bear Butte
Winter Fun
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